Plastic Injection Molding

We are very proud to offer a full spectrum of plastic injection molding capabilities. Our specialty is quick turn around injection mold tooling. Unlike other rapid techniques that produce "look alike" parts that are not representative of the engineering plastics that are paramount to the functionality of a design, we offer true injection molded parts in any engineering resin. We produce these parts in small quantities all the way to production quantities.

Prototype molds create parts that are in all aspects the same as production parts. The difference is these tools are typically made of aluminum, can be built much faster, and are much more economical than a production tool. These tools are hand loaded and de-molded. These molds can create one part, or thousands of parts. We are experts at prototype mold tooling.

After prototype tooling is completed and parts are verified, we can then produce production molds. Production molds are typically made of steel, may contain multiple cavities, and are designed to run automatically to reduce part price, they will last longer than prototype molds. These molds are more expensive than prototype molds, and take longer to fabricate.

Additional services we offer are insert and two-shot molding. Insert is the process of molding around a component such as in a strain relief. Two-shot is the process of molding two different plastic resins to create a part with unique properties, such as a soft grip area, or more flexible areas within a part.

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