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Dear Jeff,

Happy Friday!! I hope you are doing well.

I just want to share a piece of wonderful news with you. Our company has recently received the FDA approval to market our retinal prosthesis in the United States. This is an important milestone for our company as all the labor and hard work everyone put into the company has finally be able to help the people who are suffering from blindness due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

That being said, I want to personally thank you for your willingness and patience to work with us all these years. I want to let you know that you are one of the reasons that our company can reach our goal to restore sight to the under serve population, RP patient, in the world.

While there are still a lot of work that need to be done, but our company is stepping in the right direction. I look forward to continue working with you in the near future.

Below are some links to the major online newspaper reporting on our recent success:

1) Wall Street Journal

2) New York Times

3) CNN

Have a fabulous weekend!


Sanjay Gaikwad
Mechanical Project Engineer
Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.
12744 San Fernando Road - Bldg. 3
Sylmar, CA 91342
Tel: +1 (818) 833-5038



I have worked with Jeff Field for many years. He has provided us with solutions for injection molded plastic parts. He listens carefully to your needs and presents practical ideas to assist you in the development of your product.

He is very knowledgeable with plastic materials and processing. I would recommend to getting Jeff involved as early as possible to speed the design and development process.

Tom Santogrossi Vice President, Reliability
Advanced Bionics, LLC
Phone: (661) 362-1720
Cell: (661) 816-0107
Fax: (661) 362-1560

For over thirty years I have been privileged to work with Jeffery Field as a colleague in Industrial Design, as a fellow inventor, and as a builder of appearance and functional models and prototypes. Jeff exemplifies the highest expression of creativity, commitment to excellence and quality. He has never failed to contribute innovative, well thought-out and producible designs on schedule and invariably exceeding requirements. His quick understanding of and contribution to concepts may be the most valuable part of a relationship with Jeff. We have shared patents on co-inventions, and I am proud and delighted to recommend him as a resource. Working with Jeff is sure to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

Steve Kimmell
Principal Designer
Steve Kimmell Industrial Design

To whom it may concern,

I have known Jeffrey Field for over twenty years. During that time he and I Have worked on many projects. I run a high-tech manufacturing business and when called upon Jeff has provided his expertise with total professionalism. His knowledge of plastics and design has been an immeasurable contribution to my success.

Jeff has abilities that defies category. He is well educated both in the arts and design and engineering. His artistic approach to his designs is as aesthetically pleasing as they are functionally sound. Jeff's eclectic abilities make him a good fit for almost any design from conceptual drawings to the finished product.

I would highly recommend Jeff as a true value added source for whatever is presented to him.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me for any further information you may require.

Lee Thomas, President
LT Industries
9927 Canoga Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311
818-407-1018 x-11

Jeff and I have worked together for longer than I care to admit in number of years. Seems like he is always there when you need him to help on a project. He can start in the very beginning of an idea for a project or he can help you get into production if you are at the end of a project. He is that flexible and talented. He is a man for all phases of your project.

At the Stansbury Company a once upon a time consulting design firm where we created new consumer products for clients such as Mattel and Ronco; Jeff was the team leader in transforming concepts into three dimensional models for client presentations while at the same time brainstorming on various ways to improve an initial idea.

His skill set is quite remarkable. His talents include graphic design, industrial design, model building, prototype development and short run injection molding. All of these skills were called upon when he was an outside member of the Siemens MiniMed III Infusion Pump and Insulin Pump. He is very comfortable working with projects within the restraints of the Medical Industry under FDA guidelines for design projects.

He is also very comfortable and confident in working on projects for the Hearing Industry. He worked directly with the founder of Howard Leight Industries as an outside consultant designer for Howard Leight's personal project ideas.

Jeff is the person who can make your project happen. He is very familiar with all the steps it takes to go from an idea to production. He can help you achieve the peace of mind that comes as the direct result of knowing that you did the best you could to make your project a success.

Thomas W Fleming
619 300 6711

Jeff never ceases to amaze me with the comprehensive skills he brings to the table! With his quick understanding of concepts and details, and his strategic ability to "think outside the box", makes him my most valued, trusted, and relied upon consultant in the product development business.

I have worked with Jeff since he was hired as a key consultant to MiniMed in the late 80's. Jeff's talents and skills are extremely diverse and comprehensive. Jeff can be involved in the initial invention of a product and or idea, and take it through the entire product development process, which includes, but is not limited to; concept sketching, CAD modeling, engineering drawings, visual and working prototypes, plastic part design, mold making, plastic processing, industrial design, and manufacturing.

Jeff is the inventor on numerous United States Patents, and we are listed as co-inventors on many others.

Jeff has worked with me at numerous "start-ups", always exceeding expectations and assigned deliverable dates, which has been instrumental in the success of these "start-up" companies, and these companies selling for a combined total of 4 billion dollars.

I would not hesitate to use Jeffrey Field Design, Inc. for any product development projects, from concept through manufacturing.

April Marano-Ford
April Marano, Inc.

Our company, Siestamed Technologies LLC, Camarillo California, enlisted Jeffrey Field Design to develop a working prototype of our CPAP supply dryer. Mr. Field was very responsive from day one and provided valuable insight into the design of our prototype. The prototype was successful in our testing phase, and was received very well by our testing sites. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Field and I would recommend his services if given the opportunity.

David Kasso, Co-Owner
Siestamed Technologies, LLC